For the canoeist who paddles on rivers and occasional lakes this paddle is considered a mid-range paddle for the weekend warrior. The use of western red cedar makes this paddle lightweight and enjoyable for a long day of paddling. The tip of the blade is protected with an epoxy blade guard for added durability against rock gardens. Laminated in fiberglass, this blade is a work horse and perfect for all occasions.

Paddle Specs:
Shaft Material: Brazilian Cherry, Red Oak, Walnut, Western Red Cedar
Lengths: 54”, 56”, 58”, 59", 60”
Blade Area: 125 sq. Inches
Blade Length: 22”
Grip: Modified-T Grip
Reinforced Fabric: 6oz. Fiberglass
Resin and Finish: High Performance Epoxy,
ultraviolet protective polyurethane
Weight: 2lbs. 4.9oz