Paddle Sizing

The length of a paddle you choose is dependent on your body structure. First, measure the length of your torso, than locate your torso size on the chart below for a suggested paddle length. To measure your torso, sit up straight on a flat chair – measure the distance from the surface of the chair (between your legs) to the tip of your nose.

      Torso Size

      Canoe Paddle Length

      26" 51" or 52"
      28" 54"
      30" 56" or 57"
      32" 57" or 58"
      34" 60"
      36" 62"
      38" 64"

      Some considerations:

        • Paddling from the stern (rear seat) you’ll want to avoid excessive leaning, consider adding 2” more to the paddle length.
        • If you’re solo canoeing; paddling in the center of the canoe, or if your canoe is wide, you may want to add 2” to the paddle length.
        • If you normally paddle in shallow water, it might be better to purchase a paddle slightly shorter with a flat bottom.

        Preventative Care
        for Your Wood Paddle: 

        Keep the banging against the gunwales to a minimum

        Our paddles do not have rock guards on the tip of the blade. If you use the blade to push off of rocks, docks or any hard surface you run the risk of damaging the blade.

        We suggest wiping down the paddle after each use to avoid wear and tear. Inspect the blade and if need be apply a UV varnish to seal and protect the wood.

        We use a UV varnish on all of our paddles providing maximum protection from the sun. The best practice is to keep your paddle out of direct sunlight and after each adventure, hang it up.