The Talbot is designed for the serious river canoeist who enjoys extended backcountry adventures. This paddle is a beast with hardwood edges on the shaft protecting it from damage from hitting the gunwales. This paddle is made out of western red cedar putting it in the featherweight category – our lightest river paddle. The wide blade with epoxy tip is perfect for steering on rivers, and more durable when faced with submerged objects likes rocks and logs. The combination of laminated fiberglass and carbon fiber makes this blade one of the strongest paddles on the market.

Paddle Specs:
Shaft Material: African Mahogany, Red Oak, Western Red Cedar
Lengths: 54”, 56”, 58”, 59", 60”
Blade Area: 138 sq. Inches
Blade Length: 22.5”
Grip: Modified-T Grip
Reinforced Fabric:  6oz. Fiberglass
Resin and Finish: High Performance Epoxy,
ultraviolet protective polyurethane
Weight: 2lbs. 14.4oz